nexB provides products and services to help companies actively identify and manage their software assets, including open source and other third-party software components.

Our focus areas are helping companies to:

  • Establish policies, processes and tools for managing software components and their licenses,
  • Identify software component provenance (license and origin),
  • Manage software components with a complete software "bill of materials" including open source, third-party and original code,
  • Facilitate reuse of software components inside a company and across the software supply chain.

We are the developers of DejaCode, a new product suite aimed at helping companies manage open source and third-party code in their software development process.

We offer software product audit services for product development and release and for acquisition due diligence. We have a deep knowledge in software IP analysis across languages and environments including embedded systems.

We are also active open source developers and co-founders of the SPDX project at the Linux Foundation, see our community page for more information.