DejaCode Licensing

What are the licensing options for DejaCode? DejaCode can be licensed for SaaS or on-premises use. Choose the one that best suits your needs:

SaaS: we provide DejaCode to you as a service. If you decide to use DejaCode SaaS, then your use of it is subject to our End User Agreement for SaaS.

On-premises: if you wish to deploy DejaCode at your company, you need to agree to the terms of our Software Subscription License Agreement.

Our legal department would like to make some changes to your Agreement. Is that ok?

No, we are not able to make changes to our customer Agreements on a per-customer basis. We cannot efficiently manage a different agreement with each of our customers. Our Agreements have been very carefully authored to be fair to our customers and us. We will periodically update them for regulatory and other reasons so we are interested in your suggestions for improving the EULA There may be some issues that are not covered here or on the rest of this page. If so, please feel free to contact us

The Agreements refer to the grant of publicity rights to Dejacode. What does that mean? Can we change that?

DejaCode lists a small number of its customers on its website as examples of organizations using the software. Other disclosures about our customers, such as a case study, are published only after collaborating with and obtaining permission from our customer.

If you don't want us to mention your company name at all, just contact our Sales Team and we'll add you to our list of companies requesting not to be party to any disclosures or forms of publicity (including our customer list on our website).