What's in your Software?

DejaCode enables your organization to actively manage and monitor the open source and third-party software components you use in your software products.

Modern software development is increasingly dependent on a foundation of open source software components. Many software products and systems now contain 80% or more open source and other third-party components. The popularity of newer languages, like JavaScript, newer frameworks, like jQuery or Node.js, and new software development platforms like GitHub have dramatically increased the granularity, volume and variety of open source components. This raises the stakes for you to quickly identify and manage intellectual property and other risks from building your software on an open source foundation.

DejaCode enables you to:

  • Define and communicate effective policies to mitigate risk from open source licenses,
  • Implement efficient governance for the use of open source and third-party components, and
  • Automate compliance with open source license obligations

Key Benefits

Manage software component and license information from any source - internal or external audit, suppliers, contract developers.

Publish and apply your policies for license and component usage.

Share consistent software license and component information among business, engineering, and legal teams.

Generate Attribution and Redistribution documentation for open source components.

Promote use of your preferred open source components and licenses across your organization.