DejaCode - What's in your software!

The open data platform for managing open source and third-party software components in your products!

DejaCode(™) enables your organization to actively discover, manage and monitor the open source and third-party software components you use in software products. DejaCode helps you define efficient governance for evaluating and approving the use of open source components, implement effective policies to mitigate potential risk from open source licenses, and automate compliance with open source license obligations. Find out more at

DejaCode is a central business system for managing open source and third-party software components but also your policies, software licenses, software components, and products. DejaCode is designed to accept software inventories and Bill of Materials from any system.

DejaCode is nexB's product suite for managing a software component supply chain. Discover it today at

Key Features:
  • Centrally manage software component and license information from any source - internal or external audit, software development system or other
  • Track complete Software BOM for any product or system, including unlimited versions
  • Apply your policies to usage of licenses or components
  • Generate Attribution and Redistribution documentation for open source components of a Product

TraceCode - Development to Deployment (D2D) analysis using dynamic build tracing.

TraceCode helps companies determine which subset of their source code is Deployed in their Product. This is essential since key license obligations comes from interactions and deployment.

TraceCode addresses the current problem with D2D analysis today:

TraceCode brings a solution to this problem. It is completely agnostic regarding toolchain or programming language. TraceCode does not require ANY change to your build process or config. Companies only need to run a traced build and nexB can provide complete vision in the build process for D2D. Contact us at if you want more information.

AboutCode - A simple idea to keep software provenance data close to the code.

AboutCode provides a simple way to document the provenance (origin and license) and other important or interesting information about third-party software components that you use in your project.

The tool is a command line based utility written in Python, released under Apache 2.0, and is available on GitHub at AboutCode helps automate open source software compliance that is needed throughout the software lifecycle. You can read the spec at nexB works with its clients to implement this easy way to document open source and third party software license obligations.