Introducing AboutCode Manager, a nexB open source project

AboutCode Manager

By Erika Nunotani September 30, 2016

Open Source for Open Source

nexB has been creating, contributing to and using free and open source software from the start. AboutCode is nexB’s newest set of open source projects to help you identify and manage open source. nexB currently sponsors open source projects under the Apache 2.0 license to provide the best balance of permissive terms with a complete and clear set of license conditions. It’s open source for open source—it is important to have good open source tools to comply with open source license conditions.


ScanCode allows users to easily discover the license for free and open source code. ScanCode is an open source scanning solution that accurately identifies the origin or license information inside code base files. Development teams have the opportunity to begin scanning code on their own. Organizations can focus on whether the license is OK and if the code works for its projected use.

AboutCode Manager

nexB’s new AboutCode Manager, the primary desktop/GUI tool for using nexB’s AboutCode tools. The AboutCode Manager works with ScanCode to create an advanced visual UI to evaluate licenses and other notices identified by ScanCode. AboutCode Manager is based on Electron.


AttributeCode provides a simple way to document the provenance (origin and license) of open source and third-party software components and automate creation of attribution notices and redistribution packages. An ABOUT file is a small text file stored in the codebase side-by-side with the software component file or archive that it documents.


TraceCode is a set of tools that trace the software components included in a distributed or deployed product, application or system. Determining the distributed or deployed software components is essential for understanding your obligations under open source licenses because most are triggered by distribution or deployment. TraceCode will be released as an open source project.

To learn more or to contribute, visit our projects on GitHub.

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