Open Source Answers: How much documentation is necessary?

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By Philippe Ombredanne February 23, 2017

Open Source Answers

How much documentation is necessary?

Philippe answers the common question “How much documentation is necessary?” on Open Source Stack Exchange. Philippe explains that “There is never enough documentation!” for a software project, but there are many aspects to consider when writing documentation, such as a good README and creating usage example or sample code. Prominent and detailed documentation gives a good first impression and encourages users to discover more about a software project. In addition to a README file and examples, built-in help, formal documentation and manuals contribute to a comprehensive and useful documentation set.

To ask your own Open Source question or read Philippe’s full answer with additional tips, visit Open Source Stack Exchange.

About the author: Philippe Ombredanne

Philippe is one of the top users on the Open Source Stack Exchange board. He is an avid free, libre and open source software enthusiast, contributor and activist. He is the CTO at nexB and a contributor and committer on several FLOSS projects. Meet more of the nexB team here.

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