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What our Customers are saying

Thanks and this was our pleasure to work with you and your team, really professional and impressive analysis.

Richard Grondin
Senior Director Data Security Group


Thank you for the expert guidance nexB provided to us. It made the whole evaluation process much smoother and it was exactly what we needed. We would definitely recommend nexB as an independent third-party for open-source software M&A due diligence.

Steve Abraham
Head of Corporate Development & Strategy


We were all very impressed at the quality and depth of your experience and technology, responsiveness to our concerns, ability to work through problems, and work product.

Cyrus Wadia
Associate General Counsel, Strategic IP


Working with nexB since 2008, they are our primary service provider for our product release audits. They have helped us improve our process thanks to their product, DejaCode. I would strongly recommend nexB and DejaCode for every software professional in charge of licensing compliance.

Diana Anderson
Software Compliance Sr. Director
ARRIS Software Forensics Lab

I will most definitely be remembering nexB, as I was very impressed by your scan, and how smooth the process was.

Bert Hubert
CTO & Founder

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