nexB offers comprehensive professional services to ensure that you can rapidly implement DejaCode and gain the benefits of automating compliance for open source and other third-party obligations. We can assist you with design and implementation of any or all of the key elements needed to establish a software license compliance program:

  • Applying your usage policies to Licenses and Components
  • Designing and implementing your workflows for approving use of open source components
  • Adding "private" Licenses and Components
  • Importing your Product Inventories and BOMs
  • Customizing Attribution Notices
  • Customizing Reports
  • Using our APIs to share License, Component and/or Product data from DejaCode with your other applications
  • Integrating your use of DejaCode with other enterprise systems
  • Customizing training materials
We offer our professional services on a project (fixed price) or consulting (daily rate) basis so that you can choose the best approach for your requirements and budget. To discuss your requirements, get a quote or inquire about the availability of our Professional Services Team, please use our contact page.