BDNA provides the most comprehensive, accurate view into an organization’s IT infrastructure in order to drive critical IT processes and projects such as Windows 7 migration, vendor audits, true ups, app compatibility, software licensing and more.

From IT administrators to managers to executives, BDNA transforms data into information and delivers business-relevant information required to accelerate corporate initiatives.

Technopedia, the world’s largest catalog of IT product information on more than 90,000 enterprise IT products with more than 14 million market data points, helps more than 350 companies dramatically increase their IT visibility.

Open source software represents about half of the enterprise software used today in product development and IT. As a result, nexB and BDNA have teamed up to add open source components from DejaCode to Technopedia to give IT organizations a complete inventory of IT assets.

To learn more about the Technopedia's DejaCode Open Source Compliance Content Pack visit

Technopedia customers will gain:

  • Complete inventory of software assets including open source components and their license obligations,
  • Visibility into opportunities to use open source vs. commercial versions of a component,
  • Opportunity to apply policies and standards to use of open source software.