Define policies to mitigate risk from open source licenses

Implement efficient governance for the use of open source and third-party components

Automate compliance with open source license obligations


DejaCode's Key Benefits

Manage software component and license information from any source - internal or external audit, suppliers, contract developers.

Publish and apply your policies for license and component usage.

Share consistent software license and component information among business, engineering, and legal teams.

Generate Attribution and Redistribution documentation for open source components.

Promote use of your preferred open source components and licenses across your organization.

DejaCode Modules

Product Portfolio

  • Your own inventory of third-party and open source software components within your product.
  • Track and manage open source, commercial, and proprietary software components.
DejaCode Product Portfolio

Component Catalog

  • A catalog of public open source and proprietary software components
  • Components have detailed metadata including origin, version, license, technology, and functionality.
DejaCode Component Catalog

License Library

  • A library of open source and proprietary licenses with detailed documentation of license terms and conditions.
  • Use the License Library to put open source license policies in place.
DejaCode License Library